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Episode 25

The Future of ML and AI Infrastructure and Ethics with Dan Jeffries (Pachyderm, AI Infrastructure Alliance)

Dan Jeffries is the chief technical evangelist at Pachyderm, a leading data science platform. He's a prominent writer and speaker on all things related to the future. He's been in software for over two decades, many of those at Redhat, and is the founder of the AI Infrastructure Alliance and Practical AI Ethics.

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02:15 How Dan got started in computer science

06:50 What Dan is most excited about in AI

14:45 Where we are in the adoption curve of ML

20:40 The "Canonical Stack" of ML

32:00 Dan's goal for the AI Infrastructure Alliance

40:55 "Problems that ML startups don't know they're going to have"

49:00 Closed vs open source tools in the Canonical Stack

01:00:05 Building out the "boring" part of the infrastructure to enable exciting applications

01:08:40 Dan's practical approach to AI Ethics

01:23:50 Rapid fire questions



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