Devon Bernard: "If you can sell it, I can build it" - Machine Learning Engineered

Episode 6

Devon Bernard: "If you can sell it, I can build it"

Devon Bernard is an incredible full-stack engineer, manager, and entrepreneur. He's co-founded multiple companies including FlowActive, Jowl, and Rollio in addition to holding top engineering roles at Enlitic, Axgen, and now Somml.

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(00:00) Intro

(02:00) How he got started in CS

(03:03) Working for GOOG and MSFT while running 2 startups

(05:10) Learning to program

(10:25) How he got started in entrepreneurship

(17:30) Building an animal crossing trading exchange

(21:37) Designing scalable and maintainable backends

(25:55) Does he use formal design methods (DDD)?

(28:24) What makes for a great engineer?

(36:43) Functional programming

(39:43) Increasing productivity of engineering teams

(45:56) Managing up as an individual contributor

(49:59) Consulting advice

(01:04:20) Health-tech startups

(01:19:27) Exciting opportunities outside of healthcare

(01:28:34) Rapid Fire Questions


Never Split the Difference

Radical Candor

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