Luigi Patruno: ML in Production, Adding Business Value with Data Science, "Code 2.0" - Machine Learning Engineered

Episode 16

Luigi Patruno: ML in Production, Adding Business Value with Data Science, "Code 2.0"

Luigi is the director of data science at 2U, where he leads a team in developing ML models and infrastructure to predict student success outcomes. He's also the founder of ML in Production, a blog and newsletter that helps readers build, deploy, and run ML systems.

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02:45 Luigi Patruno

04:50 How can ML teams be more rigorous in their engineering practices?

10:25 Best practices for monitoring and logging ML systems

18:00 Adding business value with data science

37:10 Most valuable types of tools for ML in production

43:15 What an ideal data pipeline setup looks like

47:50 Unbundling the "Data Scientist" role

50:35 The future of building software: "Code 2.0"

59:45 Most valuable skills for the future

01:10:15 Learnings from writing his blog "ML in Production"

01:15:00 Rapid fire questions


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