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Episode 19

Lessons Learned From Hosting the ML Engineered Podcast (Charlie Interviewed on the ML Ops Community podcast)

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02:45 Intro

04:10 How I got into data science and machine learning

08:25 My experience working as an ML engineer and starting the podcast

12:15 Project management methods for machine learning

20:50 ML job roles are trending towards more specialization

26:15 ML tools enable collaboration between roles and encode best practices

34:00 Data privacy, security, and provenance as first class considerations

39:30 The future of managed ML platforms and cloud providers

49:05 What I've learned about building a career in ML engineering

54:10 Dealing with information overload


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Charlie currently works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Workday. He graduated from RPI with a B.S. in Computer Science and taught himself ML through online courses and projects. In his free time, Charlie enjoys investing and trading, playing poker, and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.