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Episode 27

A Practical Approach to Learning Machine Learning with Radek Osmulski (Earth Species Project)

Radek Osmulski is a fully self-taught machine learning engineer. After getting tired of his corporate job, he taught himself programming and started a new career as a Ruby on Rails developer. He then set out to learn machine learning. Since then, he's been a Fast AI International Fellow, become a Kaggle Master, and is now an AI Data Engineer on the Earth Species Project.

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02:15 How Radek got interested in programming and computer science

09:00 How Radek taught himself machine learning

26:40 The skills Radek learned from Fast AI

39:20 Radek's recommendations for people learning ML now

51:30 Why Radek is writing a book

01:01:20 Radek's work at the Earth Species Project

01:10:15 How the ESP collects animal language data

01:21:05 Rapid fire questions


Radek's Book "Meta-Learning"

Andrew Ng ML Coursera

Fast AI

Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification

How to do Machine Learning Efficiently

NPR - Two Heartbeats a Minute

Earth Species Project

A Guide to the Good Life

The Origin of Wealth

Make Time

You Are Here

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