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Episode 7

Sanyam Bhutani: Chai Time Data Science

Sanyam Bhutani is a Machine Learning Engineer at and host of the Chai Time Data Science Show.

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Chai Time Data Science:

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(03:00) How Sanyam got started in CS and ML

(16:20) Getting a CV internship after freshman year

(20:30) Having a vision of using AI to help the masses of India

(23:25) FastAI international fellowship

(27:40) Interviews with Machine Learning Heroes

(36:50) Frustration while training ML models

(43:35) Interviewing Jeremy Howard

(46:00) Creating ML content that resonates

(01:01:00) Working at and making an ML course

(01:11:00) Exciting opportunities in the field now

(01:21:20) Rapid fire questions

(01:26:35) Outro


Interviews with Machine Learning Heroes

Sanyam's Interview with Jeremy Howard


Andrew Ng ML Course

High Performance Python

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck Online Courses

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