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Episode 3

swyx (Shawn Wang): Coding Career Strategy

Shawn Wang formerly worked in finance as a derivatives trader and equity analyst before burning out and pivoting towards tech. He's a prolific blogger who goes under the pseudonym "swyx" and recently published the excellent Coding Career Handbook. He's a graduate of Free Code Camp and Full Stack Academy now working at AWS as a Senior Developer Advocate. Learn more about Shawn:

Blog: https://swyx.io/

Book (Use code MLE30 for 30% off!): https://www.learninpublic.org/

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(05:30) How was the learning in public idea developed?

(07:45) No zero days

(10:00) Does ego prevent developers from learning in public?

(12:30) Pick up what they put down

(17:30) Strategic thinking about coding careers

(19:50) Betting on new technologies

(24:00) Enhancing existing skills vs learning new things

(27:40) Reading technical books cover-to-cover

(30:00) Systems thinking

(32:00) Updating a digitally-native book

(35:00) Deciding to work at AWS

(38:00) What won't change in tech?

(41:30) Software business models

(43:00) Rapid fire questions


Free Code Camp interview: Leaving a $350K/year job to learn coding

No Zero Days

You Can Learn A Lot For The Low Price Of Your Ego

Shawn’s book: The Coding Career Handbook

Learn in Public

Marketing Yourself as a Developer

Crossing the Chasm

How to Create Luck

Laws of UX

Eugene Wei - Invisible Asymptotes

Eugene Wei - Status as a Service

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