Coding Career Tactics - Salary Negotiation, Public Speaking, and Creating Your Own Luck w/ Shawn "swyx" Wang (AWS) - Machine Learning Engineered

Episode 15

Coding Career Tactics - Salary Negotiation, Public Speaking, and Creating Your Own Luck w/ Shawn "swyx" Wang (AWS)

Shawn Wang formerly worked in finance as a derivatives trader and equity analyst before burning out and pivoting towards tech. He's a prolific blogger who goes under the pseudonym "swyx" and recently published the excellent Coding Career Handbook. He's a graduate of Free Code Camp and Full Stack Academy now working at AWS as a Senior Developer Advocate.

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02:45 swyx is back!

05:25 How his book has been received so far

11:35 Why and how to negotiate your salary

24:10 Getting started in public speaking, giving talks at meetups and conferences

35:45 The role of luck in your career and how to create it

51:15 Biggest is not best, best *for me *****is best

59:20 Why swyx angel-invested in Circle

01:12:00 On Randy Pausch's Time Management lecture

01:18:00 Using open source to accelerate your coding skill

01:20:00 Handling information overload and enhancing retention with note taking

01:27:20 What swyx does in his job as a Developer Advocate and why you should consider non-coding roles

01:37:30 swyx's new podcast Career Chats (


swyx's first ML Engineered appearance

swyx's book Coding Career Handbook

How to Create Luck

Notes on Time Management from a Dying Professor

Building a Second Brain


swyx's new podcast with Randall Kanna "Career Chats"

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